7. Student voice

Students are the most important part of education. There is no larger stakeholder than students in their own education. However, student voice is difficult to hear in a traditional classroom where most teachers find it difficult to let go of control to focus on a student-centered approach. Although disrupting such status quo requires time, planning, and consistency throughout the journey, the results are extremely rewarding. 

Why should we listen to student voices? When we provide students with opportunities to voice their opinions and listen to them intentionally, students feel engaged in taking responsibility for change. In addition, when student voices are heard, they feel empowered to interact with others so that their combined efforts cause social change. Our students are active citizens who contribute to our society while developing essential skills that lead them to take purposeful initiatives. Such student capacity gives all learners voice and choice in how they learn. But how can we start giving them a voice in the classroom? A legitimate way students can voice out their opinions respectfully and responsibly is through blogging. 

We should let our students blog for open reflection. As an educator, I usually end my day thinking about the changes I need to make to my teaching practice so it can positively impact student learning. Most of our students sit and get without having the time and opportunity to reflect upon their own learning. When students blog about their learning journey, they not only feel empowered and heard, but also learn to be good digital citizens. 

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