25. Compilation – Contribution to my Learning and the Learning Community

As the syllabus of this course says, in this class I learned the basics of creating an effective instructional design for online courses using the Understand by Design framework. Besides. I learned how to analyze, design, and build an online or blended learning course and prototype an online learning project for my stakeholders.

In the first module that I created, the outcomes were to analyze important elements of online learning design to develop an effective online or blended course design and to Participate in constructive review and feedback of peer design projects. When I completed the first task I realized that in my course design I included all the supporting resources needed for the stakeholders to be successful in my instructional design. However, when I continued researching how to deliver a course that is user-friendly, I encountered lots of actions I needed to take in order to make the course better. For example, I was missing instructions that would indicate what the participants were tasked with. I continued refining the course adding more clear statements and changing the sequence in which the activities were listed.

The instructional design post has a full reflection on how the course came to life and the structure I used to create it (Click HERE). I also created a short video reflecting upon this step.

Instructional Design

I decided to use Schoology as the Learning Management System because it is the same system that is currently used in my context. I also reflected upon this implementation process. The creation of the course allowed me to make changes to the 3-Column table and align the goals to the activities and the assessments embedded in the course. The application of the course led me to justify my design choices, as well as the pedagogical perspectives, and the implementation strategies of the online or blended learning design project. Also, I was able to participate in constructive reviews and feedback of peer design projects. The reflection about the implementation of the course was posted on my eportfolio (Click HERE). I also created a short video reflecting upon the process.

Implementation Video

Finally, the course is required to prove the usability of the online class design. The feedback provided by the stakeholder allowed me to make changes that refined the course and made it accessible and user-friendly. The stakeholder created a short video providing feedback and put it in writing too. The video with my reflection is linked below.

Usability Testing reflection


I received feedback from one of my stakeholders where she explained what difficulties she faced exploring in the new course, as well as the agility to navigate through the course module to module, assignments, and instructional resources that I posted to facilitate the course learning outcome.  Based on the data and worked showcased in this post, I rate myself 95/100. The weekly discussions worked for me as they gave me an opportunity to discuss my thinking and hear other perspectives. To conclude I have to say that this course gave me the opportunity to put into practice all that I had learned in this program.

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