3. why an e-portfolio? Week 2-5

E-portfolios are built on platforms with digital resources. They allow greater versatility, scope, access and the use of a multiplicity of formats in the presentation of documents. They can store “visual or auditory content, including text, images, video and sound. I believe that the author of an e-portfolio has a very clear basic purpose: to organize their work to share it with the world. What I want to achieve with my e-portfolio is to show the abilities, skills and capabilities I have as a teacher. One that is growing daily!

2. E-portfolio Groups – Week 2-5

For this week, I watched the video by Margaret Heffernan: Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work. The video shows the importance of working cooperatively by making small groups and providing support to each other. As a teacher, I know that all groups are not the same. However, I know that for the members of the group to be successful, certain characteristics or conditions need to be met. Similar to what Dr. Heffernan

1. E-Portfolio Getting Started – The big picture Week 1-3

For many years, I had this misconception about E-portfolios in the classroom. The misconception was grounded on they way I was taught. We would place all of the work in a folder by the date I had designed them. The teacher would review them and write a check mark on each one of them. It was when I started teaching that I came to realize that the missing piece was the feedback I received in a form of check mark. A

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